Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Download NewGamePad Emulator for iOS 10/9/8 Without Jailbreak

Download NewGamePad Emulator for iOS 9.1/9.2/9.3/10 Without Jailbreak

Nowadays NewGamePad is one of the best and all in one class emulator which thousands of people are using. Many iOS users also want to play the classic games on their devices. So they can try the best solution in form of NewGamePad emulator for iPhone/iPad devices.
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You don't need to jailbreak your device for installing NewGamePad emulator on iOS. It is one of the best feature of NewGamePad app. The installation process is pretty simple, so you don't need to worry about it. Because in this guide we are going to share how to download and install NewGamePad emulator for iOS devices.
NewGamePad Emulator for iOS
NewGamePad emulator supports games of most console devices. These consoles include NDS, N64, GBC,PSP,GB, SNES, PS1 etc. So to run the games and apps, you will need to load ROMS of games. From this all in one classical emulator, you will be able to get almost any game. Best thing is that you can play these games without emulator console.

Download NewGamePad Emulator for iOS Without Jailbreak (iPhone/iPad)

Before we are going to discuss NewGamePad for iPhone/iPad installation procedure, first we need to know about its compatibility. The good news is NewGamePad emulator is compatible with iOS 9 and above running iOS devices like 9.1,9.2,9.3 versions. It is also compatible with latest iOS 10 versions (iOS 10.1,10.2,10.3).
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NewGamePad emulator for iOS works on almost all devices. These include iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad Mini/Pro & iPod Touch 3rd,4th & 5th generation devices. You can give a try to GBA4iOS for iOS if you are looking for NewGamePad emulator alternative. According to recent reports, 95% of iDevice users love to install third party apps and games using emulators. So you can give  a try to some other emulators like

Install NewGamePad Emulator on iOS Devices Without Jailbreak

Installing NewGamePad emulator on your iOS device is very simple even a small kid can do it without any problems. If you have iDevice, then follow the steps given below to get NewGamePad emulator for iOS device.

  • First open Safari browser on your iPhone/iPad device. Then visit
  • You will be then redirect to a webpage, scroll down and you will see Install button. Just tap on install option to start downloading process on your iPhone,iPad, iPod Touch device.
  • Wait for few seconds to let file downloaded on Device. Once done, you can go to Settings -> General -> Profile. There you will find NewGamePad emulator profile, tap on it. Then you will get pop up window that says Cancel & Trust options. Tap on trust option.
  • Now go to back to your device home screen and there you will find NewGamePad emulator icon.
  • You can now launch the emulator for installing SNES, PSP, PS1, GB, NDS, GBC, N64 and many other console games.

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So this is the easiest guide on how you can download NewGamePad emulator for iOS and install it on your device without jailbreak. If you have any query regard this tutorial, tell us in the comments.


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